Sunday, November 11, 2012

Helena is One!

baby one year photo shoot with sidewalk chalk

Can you believe it? Helena has lived all the days of the year! One year ago TODAY, 11/11/11,  my sack of sugar came into the world to sweeten my life. She is a quiet, laid back little dumpling with a fury that will catch you off guard when she's had enough. Offer her a little bite of a muffin when she sees the whole one in your other hand? Be ready for that bite to be smacked out of your had while the other chubby finger points to the big one.

She still doesn't crawl, but she is now completely mobile with her booty scoot so I guess that's a non-issue. She can cover ground pretty quickly when she wants something. If you stand her up at a table, she will now go both directions as she cruises, something she just started a few days ago and was something the therapist was concerned about. She has even pulled up a couple of times recently, which excites everyone.

I think this girl's skills are going to be verbal (can you imagine?). If she can get her hands on a phone (or a remote control), it goes to her ear and she says "Hello?" and then starts to babble, booty scoot around and "talk" as she baby multitasks. If you ask her is she wants you to read a book, she will scoot over and hand a book to you.  She also does this incredibly precious mimic thing where she copies your inflection and cadence with baby babble. I swear I've heard her say "I love you" and "buttered toast" after we say it.

She loves, loves, loves her daddy, Papaw, Frasier and Uncle BonBon.  Really, she likes all guys. She enjoys playing with her brother and would rather sit around with him than anyone. At meal time she offers him bites of food. Reid will say, "No, Helena, I don't want your banana" and she just does that cute little nod of hers. If she gets her hands on one of her brother's airplanes, she will stick her little arms in the air and "fly" it. She can give kisses, blow kisses and point to your nose and her nose.

Her dancing skills are off the chart. She does the greatest sit down dance I've ever seen. I think this girl already has a shimmy. I will say that as much as I enjoy her looking like me, I'm glad she got her dance skillz from the other side of the family.

baby girl photo shoot in mom's wedding dress

So, until there is another sweet baby in my arms, monthly updates and (thank the Lord) monthly chalk shoots are done. I love doing them, but I swear that's what makes them grow up so fast. Sweet Helena Blythe,  I love you more than words can say. I am so thankful that God sent you to our family. I can't wait to see what He has in store for you and can't wait to be a part of it.

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